Montemerano – The medieval village of Montemerano August 24, 2014 was officially declared one of “The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy”. Built on the highest part of the hill surrounded by the Maremma countryside, along the road that leads from Manciano Saturnia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns of Tuscany.

The origins of Montemerano – The history of the country began in the second half of the tenth century., In 1272 was conquered by the Aldobrandeschi and strategically considering for control of territory they erected the walls around the entire town of Montemerano, which gave the village the ‘medieval appearance. In the fourteenth century, control of the country passed to the Basque family, which led him to submit to Orvieto. At the end of the fourteenth he came under the control of Siena which extended and strengthened the walls and under the Medici became part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, and later in 1766 by Lorraine.

What to see in Montemerano
The route of the old town of Montemerano is characterized by a maze of medieval streets, with houses and stairs decorated with potted plants, from flowers that give rise to patches of color against the stone and give the town an appearance very welcoming. A unique atmosphere that accompanies the tourist – after going through an arch – the Castle Square: the most beautiful square of Montemerano and meeting point of the village. Very nice is also the church of San Giorgio, the Romanesque art jewel which houses an exceptional collection of Renaissance works of art including the famous “Madonna della gattaiola”.